Budget 2015-2016

Budget Message FY 2015/16

This is the second budget for the Alfalfa Fire District, which was formed by an affirmative vote of the district’s eligible voters on November 3, 2013.  To date, the elected Board of Directors has spent its time generating policies and procedures, setting up financial relationships with a bank and the county, and doing the planning necessary to build an efficient, effective fire department to protect and serve the residents of Alfalfa.  In addition, we have spent a great deal of time researching potential sites to build our fire station.  Key criteria we’ve used in the review process are 1) Location to meet the potential emergency and fire needs of the residents in the most efficient manner; and 2) Least cost to the district and therefor to the district taxpayers.  Because we have not found an adequate site for the fire station, we have the funds allocated for land purchase as well as building construction and equipment purchase in the current fiscal year (2014-2015) available.  In addition we have done our best to be very conservative in deciding what expenditures are necessary at this juncture.

The Board repaid the $10,000 loan from Deschutes County in November 2014 after we received our initial property tax revenues.

During the subject fiscal year (7/1/2015 – 6/30/2016), this budget contemplates we will acquire about an acre of land at the lowest cost we can negotiate on which to build our fire station.  The budget also assumes start of construction of our fire station for which we plan to obtain a construction loan.  In addition to the firefighting equipment donated to the district, the budget anticipates the district will be presented with opportunities to acquire other firefighting equipment, for which we will obtain a capital loan with the equipment as collateral.  We anticipate working with the community on education and training, such that our constituents will be better able to deal with fire hazards that may exist on their properties.  The Board anticipates hiring a part-time Fire Chief during the year and training volunteer fire personnel as we are able.

Because this is our second full budget year, and we have yet to achieve full operational status, we are budgeting potential expenditures as well as sources of funding that will enable us to move forward in a responsible manner to build an appropriate organization and infrastructure to serve and protect the District’s constituents.

AFD 2015-2016 budget hearing

AFD 2015-16 Budget