Wildfire Preparations


The 2020 fire season  for Central Oregon could be early and long. We are encouraging everyone to prepare their properties while outdoor debris burning is allowed.

Preparation Tips:

  • Make sure your property address signs are easily readable.

  • Make sure access roads are clear for fire apparatus.

  • Identify and mark any water supply locations on your property that firefighters could use in case of fire.

  • Defensible space- create 30 to 100 feet of defensible space around structures that will help you and firefighters defend your home in case a fire moves through.

  • Clear area underneath large trees
  • Clear combustibles at least 10 feet around propane tanks
  • Plan Prep Go- familiarize you and your family with the Plan Prep Go plan.  Evacuation-Guide

For more information on preparing for a wildfire please go to the following websites: