More 911 calls in proposed AFD area than previously thought!

2008-12-911-Calls.smA recent report from the Deschutes County 911 Office showed that there were a total of 296 911 response calls in the proposed AFD area in the last five years. From 2008 to 2012, there were a total of 112 fire-related 911 responses and 184 medical-related 911 responses. That means that there was an average of over 22 fire-related and over 36 average medical 911 responses a year in our proposed district alone. Currently, medical responses are provided by Deschutes County but not fire responses. The chart below shows the breakdown of the type of responses. Less than a third of the fire-related responses were the type that the BLM would respond to, the rest were fortunate that there was any response at all.