Recent Fires

Field fire Dodds Rd

April 9, 2012
Out of control fire on Dodds Road & Obenolte Road. Approx. 80 acres were burned and several homes threatened before fire was stopped. If AVFD existed, fire would have been stopped before spreading and threatening homes.


August 3, 2012  
Dodds Road homeowner cited and fined for escaped burn which began in an illegal, open burn barrel burning about 3 acres and threatening homeowner and neighbors houses. If AVFD existed, fire would have been stopped before spreading and threatening neighbors home and property.


August 13, 2011
Fire on Elk Lane burns 2-acres,  consumes shed, barn/workshop and contents, numerous vehicles and two RV trailers. If AVFD existed, it’s highly likely that the shed, barn/workshop and vehicles would have been saved because AVFD crew would have been on the scene in time.


December 12, 2009 
Fire destroys home on Elk Lane and threatens shop. Owner had attempted to thaw out frozen pipes earlier in the day but fire reignited destroying home. If AVFD had existed, fire most likely would have been prevented. AVFD fire fighters will be professionally trained on how to properly extinguish fires and prevent them from reigniting. 


July 1, 2007  
An unattended, open burn barrel at Bachelor Lane residence spread to a neighbor’s yard, destroying 10 – 15 vehicles and consuming a shop building. If AVFD existed, it’s highly likely that the majority of the vehicles and the shop building would have been saved.


August 19, 2012
Five Bend and Redmond residents were cited Monday on reckless burning charges in connection with target practice with a substance called Tannerite that apparently ignited a 35-acre wildfire near Mayfield Pond on Sunday, authorities said.

Meanwhile, crews said the fire was 75 percent contained by Monday night.

After the initial investigation was completed, the five were cited into court for reckless burning, a Class A misdemeanor with $2,500 bail. They were identified as Redmond residents Peter Lee, 31, and Clarence Christy, 32, and Bend residents Albert Sears, 27; William Loving, 25; and Jordon Odell, 25, said Deschutes County sheriff’s Sgt. Vance Lawrence.

Lawrence said the substance used in target shooting, Tannerite, is not supposed to cause a fire, but is “expected to cause some kind of flash” when struck by bullets traveling at certain speeds. He said that “there’s no argument” that a fire resulted in this case.

This fire was just west of the Cascades View Estates subdivision and was moving our direction. Thanks to one of our residents who spotted it, it was caught before it did any damage to residents or structures. We were also fortunate to have another neighbor spot a flare-up that evening after the crew had left and had her son and a friend put it out. If AVFD had existed, we could have helped fight the fire and insure that it did not move in our direction and also monitor for any flare-ups that could occur.


March 2, 2013
This could easily have happened in Alfalfa –
Outside any fire district, so no crews responded

A large two-story home at a ranch east of Prineville – outside any fire protection district — was destroyed by a fire Friday evening that was believed started by a propane barbecue left on for nearly a day. The homeowners were out of town at the time of the fire, and Crook County Fire and Rescue told deputies the home was outside the fire district and there would be no response by them.