Burn Recommendations


Recommendations for outdoor burning

  • Check the AFD website to see what type of outdoor burning is allowed based on fire danger and air quality.

  • Wind can be the biggest factor in fire spread. We recommend not burning when the wind is gusting over 15 mph.

  • Keep your burn pile size manageable.

  • An adult should always be attending the burn.

  • Remember to try and locate your burn approximately 50′ from buildings, power lines and propane tanks.

  • Burn barrels should be covered with a wire screen

  • A 10′ area around your burn pile cleared of combustibles can help you keep your burn from escaping the pile

  • Firefighting equipment should be on hand such as a shovel, charged garden hose

If you have any questions about your burn please contact Chad LaVallee, AFD Fire Chief @ 503-910-6129

Email me at clavallee@afdist.org

Call 911 if your burn gets out of control