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Next AFD Board Meeting:

The next Board Meeting will be a Working Meeting, November 26th, 6:00 pm at the Alfalfa Community Hall.

The next regular monthly Board Meeting will be Wednesday, December 10th, 6:00 pm at the Alfalfa Community Hall.

The Alfalfa Fire District Board of Directors holds its regular monthly meetings on the second Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Alfalfa Community Hall, 26155 Willard Rd., Alfalfa, OR.

All Board Meetings and Work Sessions are open to the public, and held at the Alfalfa Community Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Get Prepared!


Deschutes County has an Evacuation Guide for preparing for a wildfire.  We encourage you to view or download the pdf file of it here and use it to prepare incase of a wildfire.

Evacuation Guide.pdf

Can your house be found incase of an emergency?

One of the questions that is asked when you call “9-1-1″ for assistance is: “What is your address?” Many addresses in our area require that the caller give 911 detailed information on how to find their driveway or access road in order for emergency responders to provide rapid assistance. Instructions like, “Take the third driveway from the intersection and turn right and then go to the second left and we live in the blue house.”

TIPS FOR EVERYONE: Every home should have a visible address that can be seen from the street, day or night. If you don’t have a visible address, the fire department, visitors, delivery companies and many more may not be able to find you quickly.  Go to the tab “Fire Safety” and then to the “Street Address Signs” page for how to get your emergency street address sign.  AFD strongly encourages every household on our district to have an emergency compliant sign.


Scope of Services

AFD Scope of Services – 2014

The Alfalfa Fire District became a reality in late 2013 and in early January of 2014 the first regular meeting of the district was held.

The formation of a fire district takes a significant amount of preliminary work prior to actual fire suppression efforts by an organized group of trained volunteers.  Consideration must be given to the ability of the district to provide adequate equipment, vehicle housing, training and oversight of its members, and above all the safety of all involved.

The first tax revenue will come at the end of 2014 so the ability to fund any aspects of the fire district prior to that time is very limited.  Most of 2014 will be spent in research, planning, organizing and laying the foundation to build a functional organization which will facilitate the district moving forward when the tax dollars finally arrive.

While good progress is being made to that end, it is a reality that all of these necessary steps take time especially considering we are starting from scratch.

Therefore, the Board of Directors projects the following “Scope of Services” for the Alfalfa Fire District for the coming 2 years based on our current situation and planned course of action:

  • 2014 – Responses to fires within the fire district will be “neighbor helping neighbor” — just as it has been in the years prior to the formation of the fire district.


  • 2015 — It is our goal to have some preliminary training scheduled during the first half of the year and the ability to take at least defensive action against wild land and structural fires by mid to late summer.  Fire District actions may be seasonal depending on the ability to have winter storage to protect apparatus.

For a more complete list of steps being taken please  click on the “2014 Strategic Plan.”  Visit the website periodically to follow our progress and keep abreast of any changes that may occur.

-Alfalfa Fire District Board of Directors-