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  • In An Emergency Please Call 911

  • Outdoor Burning Status

    Recreational burning (fire pits)-OPEN

    Burn Barrels- OPEN

    Debris piles- OPEN

    Field/Ditch burning- OPEN

    Please go to the "Outdoor burning" tab above to review burning guidelines. Please call if you have any questions- 541 280 7362

  • Have you checked your smoke detectors lately?

2016 Incidents

1  Structure fire
3  Vegetation fires
1  Vehicle fire
1  Rubbish fire
1  Lightning strike
6  Outdoor burning complaints
3  Smoke checks
1  Good intent call
16 Medical aids
33 Total  calls


Total Fire loss     $175,100.

  • Stats since April 2016

The AFD purchased a 3500 gallon water tender!

We would like to thank the Jefferson County Fire District for selling us a water tender. This apparatus will be a big help in supplying water to fight fires.


AFD 941

Election for Board of Directors

The Alfalfa Fire District has 4 Board of Director positions that are up for election on May 16th, 2017.


The deadline for filing is March, 16th, 2017.

If you are interested in serving please see the attached for more information.



CPR Saves Lives!

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen anytime. By quickly starting CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) before the arrival of paramedics you can greatly increase the chance of survival of someone in cardiac arrest.


Bend Fire Rescue is offering a free 1 hour CPR class!


When:   1st Wednesday of every month  6-7 pm

Where:  Bend Fire Training center  @  63377 Jamison St. in Bend.

To sign up please call Bend Fire Rescue @





Carbon Monoxide Safety (CO)

Please Install CO (carbon monoxide) 


With our homes closed up for warmth and heaters running we would like to remind everyone of the dangers of Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and the very simple ways to prevent it.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced when the following items are used and must be properly vented to the outside:
  • Gas heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Generators
  • Stoves/ovens
  • Vehicles
  • Fire places
To  help prevent CO from building up in your home or work space :
  • Make sure all of the above equipment is operating and venting properly
  • Only operate vehicles and generators in well ventilated areas
By installing a CO detector you will be alerted to the presence of CO. These are battery operated, simple to install and can be purchased from any home improvement center.

For more information please go to the fire safety section of this site

Information sheets:







Can your house be found in the event of an emergency?

The Alfalfa Fire District would like to remind everyone how important it is to have clear address signs. On several recent emergencies fire crews had difficulty locating the address of the emergency. This caused a delay in firefighters and paramedics arriving to help.

Please make sure your address sign is visible from the road day or night.

Thank you.

For more information please go to our fire safety tab on this website.



Home Fire Plan

Fire prevention is the best way to reduce the likelihood of a fire in your home.

Things YOU can do to prevent a fire:

  • Keep combustibles away from all heat sources such as water heaters and space heaters

  • Clean build up of lint in your clothes dryer

  • Do not overload electrical outlets

  • Keep flammable liquids such as gasoline stored properly and away from all heat sources

  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected yearly

  • Do not leave cooking food unattended


It is important to be prepared in case you do have a fire.

  • Have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to alert everyone of a fire

  • Fire extinguishers or garden hose for small fires

  • Home exit plan- what to do and how to get out of house if a fire occurs

  • Outside meeting place- meeting place outside the home to make sure everyone is out of the house

  • Call 911

  • Discuss and practice this plan especially with children


For more information please go this Oregon State Fire Marshal link:




Thank You Larry McCormack!

The AFD would like to thank Larry McCormack of Crook County for his generous donation toward the purchase of two Automated External Defibrillators (AED).  These are used to help cardiac arrest patients and are a valuable tool for our medical responders and firefighters to use until paramedics arrive.




Volunteers Needed!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED—FIRE FIGHTER / EMS                                  AF&R Volunteer Application Form(pdf)
The Alfalfa Fire District is looking for men and women who are willing to commit the time and effort to be part of the Alfalfa Fire District team. You will be an essential part of us accomplishing our mission.

Our Mission: To provide for community safety through fire/EMS response, community education and fire prevention.
Our values:
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Safety
• Service
Ways to serve:
• Firefighters- To train for and respond to all types of emergency and nonemergency incidents. including structure fires, vehicle fires, wildland fires, traffic accidents, hazardous conditions and medical aids.
• EMS Responders- To train for and respond to all types of requests for medical assistance.
• Support Team
• Must at least 18 years old
• Physically able to carry out job functions
• Have a valid Oregon drivers license
• Pass a background check
• Willingness to serve
• Enthusiasm
• Must uphold the values of the Alfalfa Fire District
• Must attend at least 75% of meetings, training sessions and responses
• Application
• Background

Please contact :
Carolyn Chase at or
Chief Ron Thompson at 541 280 7362 or 

Get Prepared!


Deschutes County has an Evacuation Guide for preparing for a wildfire.  We encourage you to view or download the pdf file of it here and use it to prepare incase of a wildfire.

Evacuation Guide.pdf