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Burn Guidelines

 The goal of the Alfalfa Fire Districts burn policy is to support the need of the community to do outdoor open burning and to assist everyone in safe burning.

Types of outdoor burning

  • Recreational (campfires)- permit required  CLOSED
  • Burn Barrels- No permit required  CLOSED
  • Debris pile- Permit Required   CLOSED
  • Field/ditch burning- Permit Required   CLOSED
  • Agricultural burning- farms/ranches burning cereal grain residue or grass seed. For this type of burn you need to contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture for a permit.    CLOSED
  • AFD Burn Permit AFD Burn Permit

Guidelines for outdoor burning:

Prior to burning please check the AFD website to see if and what type of burning is allowed based on fire danger and air quality.

  • Outdoor debris pile burning is NOT allowed during fire season – usually June to mid October
  • You are always responsible for your fire
  • The Fire Chief or Firefighters have the authority to stop any burn that they deem a fire hazard
  • Wind can be the biggest factor in fire spread. We recommend not burning when the wind is gusting over 15 mph
  • Keep your burn pile size manageable
  • An adult should always be present during the burn
  • Remember to try and locate your burn approximately 50′ from buildings, power lines and propane tanks
  • Burn barrels should be covered with a wire screen
  • A 10′ area around your burn pile cleared of combustibles can help you keep your burn from escaping the pile
  • Firefighting equipment should be on hand such as a shovel and charged garden hose ready
  • Your burn must not be a nuisance to your neighbors

If you plan a large burn please contact  Chad LaVallee so that we are aware of the burn.

Chad LaVallee-503-910-6129

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) NEVER allows the following materials to be burned:

plastic, tires, garbage, tires, dead animals, petroleum products, industrial waste

Please go to the DEQ website for more information:

DEQ fact sheet:



Fire Department Office 541-382-2333

DEQ – Bend office                               541-388-6146

Do not hesitate to call 911 if your burn gets out of control