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Home Fire Safety 

Fire prevention is the best way to reduce the likelihood of a fire in your home.

Things YOU can do to prevent a fire:

  • Keep combustibles away from all heat sources such as water heaters and space heaters
  • Clean build up of lint in your clothes dryer
  • Do not overload electrical outlets
  • Keep flammable liquids such as gasoline stored properly and away from all heat sources
  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected every year
  • Do not leave cooking food unattended

It is important to be prepared in case you do have a fire.

  • Have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to alert everyone of a fire
  • Have fire extinguishers or garden hose ready for small fires
  • Home exit plan- what to do and how to get out of house if a fire occurs. Discuss and practice this plan
  • Have an outside meeting place- a location outside the home that everyone will meet at in case of a fire. This will allow you to know if everyone is out of the house
  • Do not re-enter the house after you have exited

Remember to always call 911 if you have a fire…even if it is small and you think you have it extinguished.

 For more information please go this Oregon State Fire Marshal link: