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Burn Permits


Online Burn Permit Submission

Permit Requirements: Burning permits shall be required for any open burning of commercial waste, demolition material, domestic waste, industrial waste, land clearing debris, or field burning (including burn barrels).

Burning Requirements:

  1. Prior to burning please call 541-382-2333 daily for current restrictions. ( For example: Open, Closed, Burning until noon, etc)
  2. Burning shall be restricted to cleared areas 40 feet away from any building and 20 feet away from trees.
  3. Debris piles no larger than 15’ wide and 6’ tall. Campfires limited to 3’ wide and 2’ tall.
  4. Clear to bare ground 10’ from around the base of the burn pile, burn pit, or burn barrel.
  5. Burn early in the morning while temperatures are low and humidity is high, whenever possible.
  6. NO Burning in winds predicted or currently above 10 MPH or temps over 90 degrees.
  7. Fires shall be attended by an able bodied adult until all free burning material has been extinguished.
  8. One shovel and water (5 gal, a 4A extinguisher, or charged hose line) plus a copy of your burn permit must be available at burn site.
  9. Burning is allowed in daylight hours only, However fire , stumps, and burn barrels may be allowed to smolder after dark. (no new material may be added until daylight) Exceptions allowed for warming/campfires
  10. The Fire Chief, or his/her designee may, at their discretion, open or close burning, and alter the burning requirements as deemed necessary.
  11. Please note area on property where burning will take place. (NOT PHYSICAL ADDRESS)

Call 541-382-2333 for current burning restrictions, prior to burning.

ENFORCEMENT: In accordance with provisions of ORS 478.990 (2) & (3) Violations of ORS 478.960 (1) & (4) are misdemeanor violations which carry their own citation Schedule. Deschutes County Ordinance Applicable.

If the fire burns out of control, do not hesitate to CALL 911. This permit does not relieve the permittee from responsibility for fire damage, is subject to cancellation without notice, and is valid only at the location of permitted burning indicated above. Permittee shall determine each day before burning whether such burning is being permitted. Burning information is available 24 hrs a day by calling 541-382-2333.

Commercial, Agricultural, and Industrial Burn Permits: Such burning is prohibited unless, in addition to any permit issued by the Alfalfa Fire District, a permit is obtained by the appropriate agency.

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