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Question-Do I need to file for more than one burn permit?

Answer- No. Once you submit for a burn permit it is valid for the entire burn season.

Question-Our insurance company asked for an ISO Rating, do we have one?

Answer- Yes! If you are within a 5 mi radius of the fire station your classification would be an 8b. Outside of that it would be a 10.

Question-Is your fire station staffed 24 hours a day?

Answer-At this time we have staff at the station during the hours of 8am to 5 pm. After those hours the volunteers respond from home. We are working on rotating shifts in the near future so there are at least 2 people at the station 24 hrs a day. 

Question-Do you respond to medical calls?

Answer-Yes. Although Bend Fire still provides ambulance service to our district, the Fire Dept responds to all medical and Fire calls.