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Address Signs

Can You Be Found in an Emergency?

The AFD can arrange to have an address sign installed for you.

May contain: vegetation, plant, bush, and tree

Signs are $35 and include installation. 

What’s Your address?

One of the questions that is asked when you call “9-1-1” for assistance is: “What is your address?” Many addresses in our area require that the caller give 911 detailed information on how to find their driveway or access road in order for emergency responders to provide rapid assistance. Instructions like, “Take the third driveway from the intersection and turn right and then go to the second left and we live in the blue house.”

Every home should have a visible address that can be seen from the street, day or night. If you don’t have a visible address firefighters may be delayed in arriving to your emergency.

Here are some quick tips on a good home address:

  • Numbers: Your address just needs to be the numbers to your address, not the street name.
  • Colors: Ensure the address numbers are of a contrasting color to their background. Black letters and dark paint don’t stand out very well. Dark on light or light on dark. Gold metal letters can be hard to see on light to medium colored back grounds.
  • Size of the numbers: A minimum size should be 4 inch letters with 1/2 inch brush stroke. But the further away from the street your home is located, the larger the numbers should be on your home so they can be easily seen from the street.
  • Location: Should be visible from the street at all times, not behind brush, fences or large vehicles. If any of those are the way. Locate the address a sign post or mailbox instead of the side of the home.
  • Lighting: A good idea if you live in a dark neighborhood would be to put the address where light can hit it at night or add a light to the numbers.
  • Long or split driveway: With a long driveway, the address numbers should be at the street so emergency responders can find your driveway and then your home. If you have a shared driveway, you may put both addresses at the end and then one for each home where the driveway splits.

For information on address signs please contact the fire district at

Application below-

AFD Address sign application.docx